The Rock Trail Coalition has had an interesting year! Here are a few of the highlights:

  • With the changes to the trails since the last map printing, the RTC is working with Visit Beloit and Janesville Convention and Visitors Bureau to update the Rock County Trails maps to reflect recent additions!
  • On May 1st Mocha Moment held a coffee event that raised $1,663 for the RTC.
  • Our not-for-profit status helped the Leadership Development Academy pass through over $15,000 for the “Stretch Out Stress” equipment in Janesville.
  •  We purchased a new brush mower jointly with the Janesville Velo Club.
  •  RTC has donated $67,000 toward the county project to pave the Peace Trail from Tripp Road to Big Hill Park!
  • We hired a landscape architect from Madison in 2020 to develop a plan to close the Peace Trail gap from Big Hill Park into the City of Beloit.  That study was the basis for Rock County receiving a WISDOT grant in 2022 that will bring this project to a reality by 2025.

What’s next on our Wish List?!

  • Please remember to support us! All these projects require money and many come to reality because the RTC has provided seed money. Make sure that your friends are aware of our organization and support us! In addition, please consider joining our club. In numbers is strength!

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