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Connecting communities with trails since 1992.

The Rock Trail Coalition has had a busy year! Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We helped to get the 1760′ of gravel trail between the Peace Trail/Walters Road junction paved to meet Big Hill Park’s paved trail!
  • The City of Beloit added some new bike amenities in 2019.  New bike lanes (paved shoulders) were laid along Highway 51 and a sidepath along Prairie Avenue was installed. Both make for safer cycling along these busy roads in Beloit.
  • Rock Trail Coalition members hosted three Trim the Trail events in 2019.
  • Lended support in creating Sheiffer Park (formerly Northeast Regional Park) including a paved bike trail that connects two neighborhoods that the park bisects.
  • On September 19 about 20 riders rode the first annual RTC Gravel Ride featuring the non-paved sections of the Peace Trail. The ride from Big Hill Park north included a stop for ice cream at the Bass Creek Café in Afton before heading back.

What’s next on our 2020 Wish List?!

  • Please remember to support us! All these projects require money and many come to reality because the RTC has provided seed money. Make sure that your friends are aware of our organization and support us! In addition, please consider joining our club. In numbers is strength!
  • Although the trail from Janesville to Big Hill Park is mostly complete, there are a few sections that still need some improvements such as fencing, paving, etc.
  • There is much support to eventually lengthen the trail from Big Hill Park to the City of Beloit.  We will be instrumental in discussions with prominent city and county officials in the hopes that the trail is included in any future city/county planning.
  • This one’s a surprise, but let’s say we have a way to showcase our beautiful Peace Trail and make it a tourist stop!
  • Speaking of the bike trail, we will support an initiative to install signage to help visitors navigate our great trail!
  • A September bike-run-kayak event in Afton
  • A fundraiser in the form of a Swap Meet to sell gently used bike parts, hiking gear or ANY outdoor equipment to be held at the Beloit Farmer’s Market on May 30th. Donations sought!
  • Over 10,000 trail maps have been given out during the past few years and more need to be printed especially to reflect recent additions! The RTC is planning to support this project in part.

Be part of us! Sign up to belong and Donate here.

A special shout-out to Jayne & Dean Paynters, the driving forces behind the Rock Trail Coalition.  Jayne & Dean were recognized in 2017 for 25 years of service with a plaque and honorary picnic table along the Peace Trail!

Would you like to get involved with RTC?

New members and volunteers are always welcome!

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