Support Parks and Trails – Stewardship, TAP, NR Board and Complete Streets

Governor Walker’s proposed state budget is bad for hunters, fishers, hikers, cyclists, birders, state park visitors, and anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation in Wisconsin.

The proposal suspends the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program for 13 years – effectively killing it.  The Stewardship program has purchased much of the outdoor recreational land we enjoy today.  Without Stewardship, additional purchases of land whether for hiking or hunting, fishing or kayaking, are extremely unlikely.

The Governor further decimates outdoor recreation by taking power from the Natural Resources Board, the spokespeople for the outdoors community.

Furthermore Governor Walker eliminates the state portion of the Transportation Alternatives Program which funds such things as Safe Routes to Schools and walking and cycling facilities.  The measly saving is less than .001 percent of the Transportation Budget.

Beyond killing outdoor recreation, the governor scraps the Complete Streets law.  Complete Streets says that the needs of walkers and cyclists should be taken into consideration on road projects involving state money.  It does not mandate expenditures, it only requires consideration in the planning process.

Governor Walker is attacking our outdoor heritage in a way no previous governor has every attempted.

Outdoors sports enthusiasts should contact their legislators and members of the Joint Finance Committee as soon as possible. The file (below) lists all members of Joint Finance including their email addresses.  At the very least send an email indicating your support for Stewardship, Complete Streets, the Transportation Alternatives Program, and the Natural Resources Board.

There are reasonable people willing to listen.  But we must make our voices heard.  

Click on this link to get the complete list —  Joint Finance Committee members 03-2015