The Governor’s – Couch Potato Budget

The Governor’s budget proposal is bad for active outdoors people.  Couch potatoes will not care.

Governor Walker’s Budget Proposal:

* Eliminates “Complete Streets”
* Effectively Kills the Stewardship Program
* Eliminates State Support for Walking and Biking facilities

Complete Streets is about safety and usability. It affects downtown redevelopment and providing safe routes to schools.

Stewardship is a key program not just for hikers and bikers but also for hunters, fishers, birdwatchers, prairie enthusiasts and many many more.

The QUESTION will the Republican legislature restore sanity in Wisconsin or will they support Walker’s scorched earth policy as he marches off to Washington?  I am hoping reasonable people will step forward and preserve these important Wisconsin programs.

For all the dirty details – read the Bike Fed blog

Then get off your couch and complain to your nearest legislator!